November 21, 2007

Apress - The Definitive Guide to JasperReports is the open source development portal for the
JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite, the JasperSoft Business
Intelligence solution that delivers comprehensive tools for data
access, data integration, analysis, and reporting, including
JasperReports. This definitive, authoritative covers the following:

  • Shows the power this open source Java reporting tool has and the
    ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer, or
    into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files
  • Demonstrates how JasperReports can be used in a variety of
    Java-enabled applications, including Java EE or web applications, to generate dynamic content
  • Teaches you how to create page-oriented, ready-to-print documents in a simple and flexible manner.

October 29, 2007

Apress - Beginning Ubuntu Linux 2nd Edition

Beginning Ubuntu Linux 2nd Edition - Apress

I've read lots of good books about Ubuntu and Linux in the past few months. This is the first great book.
— review of Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Second Edition

Keir Thomas walks you through the whole Ubuntu
experience from beginning to end, comforting you with a calm voice when
you might be feeling a bit lost … He has done a great and thorough job.

— Free Software Magazine review of Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Second Edition


October 22, 2007

Apress - Practical Ruby for System Administration

Practical Ruby for System Administration- ApressRuby
has set the world on fire, proving itself a serious challenger to Perl
and Python in all spheres. In particular, more and more people are
discovering that Ruby's flexibility, superb feature set, and gentle
learning curve make it a natural choice for system administration
tasks, from the humblest server to the largest enterprise deployment.

Within the pages of Practical Ruby for System Administration,
you'll learn the Ruby way to construct files, tap into clouds of data,
build domain-specific languages, perform network traffic analysis, and

Based on author André Ben Hamou's own experiences working as a
system administrator, this book will help you pick up practical tips on
Ruby coding style, learn how to analyze and improve script performance,
and make use of no-nonsense advice on scripting workflow, including
testing and documentation.

Above all, you'll come to appreciate the sheer power of Ruby and the hundreds of benefits it offers for system administration.

Apress - Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional

From Novice to Professional

Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional is the most comprehensive book on Python ever written. Based on Practical Python,
this newly revised book is both an introduction and practical reference
for a swath of Python-related programming topics, including addressing
language internals, database integration, network programming, and web
services. Advanced topics, such as extending Python and
packaging/distributing Python applications, are also covered.

Ten different projects illustrate the concepts introduced in the
book. You will learn how to create a P2P file-sharing application and a
web-based bulletin board, and how to remotely edit web-based documents
and create games.

October 20, 2007

Jython for Java Programmers

This book will help Java developers to increase application development
and deployment, thus optimizing their overall efficiency.

A brief
introduction is provided that shows the differences between Java and
Jython, important to include so that the reader will have a better
understanding of why their union is beneficial.

The remainder
of the book teaches, through examples, how to use Jython. Intended for
an experienced Java developer, this book assumes you understand the
fundamentals to programming (i.e. loop statements, if.then, etc.). So,
page space is focused on utilizing Jython with Java by covering the
following: extending Python with java classes, modules, compiling,
interpreters, design integration, etc.

The partner site at contains all code and applications developed in the book.


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